Money boxes
Below are a sample of some of
our custom made money boxes. Please
feel free to place an order. We can make just
about any design in a money box.
Special orders are welcome! We also ship
money boxes out of state.

Smile Now Cry Later
Money Box

Perfect for any occasion!
This money box can go
with a-lot of themes
especially Mardi Gras
Dolphin Money Box

Star Money box, champaign glass
holder, glass set & centerpiece
Cardinal money box

Made for a 2011
Wishing well/ Treasure chest
Class of ____?

Graduation cap money box
special orders welcome.
Candy land inspired money box

Gum Ball Machine
Mirror/ Diamond influenced money box
Masquerade or Mardi gras money boxes
Butterfly Money box
Toasting glasses and wine cups
Types Goblets and plastic wine cups
Slipper Money box